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that have seen great results with SMaSh


SMaSh’s commitment to our customers is evident by
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“SMaSh has been an instrumental partner in helping us improve our mobile fan communications. With SMaSh, we can keep a growing number of fans engaged and informed anywhere, anytime on their mobile devices via SMS: a medium that we’re sure they’ll see.”

Kathleen Wallace
Corporate Sales and Marketing Manager, Pittsburgh Steelers


“The SMaSh SMS platform has helped us to easily run hundreds of exciting on-premise text-to-win promotions, build outreach databases, and raise brand awareness – resulting in increased sales!”

Mark McKinney
On-Premise Specialist, MillerCoors


“SMaSh has allowed us to reach fans through a new medium. We have had a great response rate resulting in a high level of success engaging our fans through contesting and sharing information. I look for us to continue to grow at a steady rate moving forward.”

Garret Kloots
Sales and Promotions Coordinator, Pro Football Hall of Fame


“SMaSh fuels a way ​to get more out of text messaging by ​eliminating many of its traditional constraints – essentially, enabling cookies for mobile. What I like is that consumers don’t need to change a thing about their phones, and they still benefit from engaging mobile applications.”

Mark Cuban
Owner, Dallas Mavericks

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